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Since HGH plays a role in a number of biological functions, maintaining optimal levels of HGH is critical for overall health.

Human growth hormone (HGH), known pharmacologically as somatropin, is prescribed to US patients to correct adult-onset HGH deficiencies caused by a poorly functioning pituitary gland. “Hypopituitarism” is the medical term for an under-performing human pituitary gland.

Because HGH plays a role in a number of biological functions, maintaining optimal levels of HGH is critical for overall health. When a patient exhibits an HGH deficiency through blood testing, therapeutic intervention is necessary to correct the imbalance. Somatropin, the synthetic version of HGH commonly used to treat deficiencies, is frequently prescribed for this purpose. Somatropin is made by using recombinant DNA technology to safely synthesize medicine that mimics naturally occurring HGH.

How can US Patients Get a Safe and Legal HGH Prescription?

In the US, only a licensed doctor is qualified to dispense a legal HGH prescription. To get one, the patient must be diagnosed with an HGH deficiency. In previous eras, this legal hurdle meant that to get an HGH prescription, patients had to travel to an office for an in-person appointment with a doctor – often taking an entire afternoon or even longer.

Now, though, it’s possible to get your HGH prescription online from a reputable and legitimate web-based medical provider without the hassles of physically visiting a doctor’s office. Often, getting your HGH prescription online saves money both on the required doctor’s consultation and on the actual HGH medication (somatropin) once you have a prescription in hand.

Why Is Getting an HGH Prescription From a Doctor Important?

Getting an HGH prescription from a doctor is important for several reasons. First, a qualified doctor is trained to detect deficiencies in adults by interpreting lab tests. This is a critical step in treatment that cannot be skipped.

Normal levels of HGH for adults are as follows:

Normal HGH Levels in Adults

  • Men 0.4-10 ng/mL*
  • Women 1-14 ng/mL

*ng/mL = nanograms per milliliter

Only a licensed doctor is equipped with the expertise to safely perform and interpret the necessary lab work to determine an HGH deficiency (through GH stimulation tests and suppression tests). They then work with the patient to develop the ideal plan for supplementation, when necessary.

Second, as we discussed previously, patients must have a prescription for HGH to legally possess it. Unlawful possession or use of HGH can result in legal consequences such as fines or even jail time.

Third, a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy is trained to screen potential patients for risk factors.

Using HGH to correct a hormonal insufficiency is not right for every patient. In some cases, HGH replacement therapy may endanger the health of the patient, so consulting a doctor prior to obtaining HGH is a must.

Lastly, a trained doctor will perform ongoing, periodic check-ups to make sure that the patient is responding well to treatment. Specifically, he or she will look for the following known side effects in patients:

  • headache;
  • rush;
  • edema (swelling);
  • bloating and other gastrointestinal issues;
  • difficulty sleeping.

For these reasons and more, it is crucial that you consult an experienced practitioner who will write your HGH prescription and monitor your progress throughout therapy.

Who Is Eligible to Receive an HGH Prescription?

In the US, correcting an HGH deficiency is the only legitimate medical reason to prescribe HGH. Although HGH is increasingly popular with athletes who hope to maximize HGH’s potential performance-enhancing effects to their advantage, this is a misuse of HGH under federal law and is strictly illegal.

Where Can US Residents Get an HGH Prescription?

US residents have two legal avenues for obtaining safe and effective HGH prescriptions.

First, you can visit a doctor at his or her office, perform blood screenings to determine if you are a good candidate for replacement therapy with HGH, then travel to the pharmacy and pick up your prescription.

Or, secondarily, you can cut out the need for physical doctor’s office visits and trips to the pharmacy by going online. You may still need to visit a lab to do your preliminary blood screenings. However, the consultation with the doctor and the order for your HGH prescription to be delivered right to your door can now be completed entirely online with the services offered by our clinic.

Which Doctors Can Be Helpful for Getting an HGH Prescription?

Endocrinologists are doctors with advanced medical training in the treatment and management of hormonal disorders, including HGH deficiencies. These specialists are widely seen as the premier resources for HGH therapy guidance. Any doctor with a valid medical license can legally issue a prescription for HGH. For optimal results, however, your best bet as a patient is to enlist the expert services of a doctor that specializes in treating hormonal disorders.

Hormonal specialists understand the intricacies of how HGH works in the body, what interactions commonly prescribed medications to treat HGH deficiencies have with other drugs, what to look for in terms of safety risks, and the ideal protocols for replacement therapy that yield the intended outcomes.

Is the doctor licensed to practice medicine in the United States?

Only fully licensed doctors who are registered with their respective states’ governing authorities are authorized to write HGH prescriptions.

Is Getting HGH Without a Prescription Safe?

Getting HGH without a prescription is unsafe. It is also illegal. When you go through an unscrupulous supplier on the black or gray market to source your HGH, you are risking getting a subpar product that could endanger your health. Although some individuals look for HGH to boost athletic performance or increase lean muscle, using HGH for these purposes is illegal in the United States. Never buy HGH without a prescription.

How Can I Buy HGH Prescriptions Online?

As with many medical services on the web, there are two types of internet-based HGH providers:

  1. Legitimate providers are staffed by licensed medical doctors.
  2. Unlicensed, less-than-trustworthy providers who cut corners and, ultimately, endanger patients’ health.
  3. Our clinic is a leading online HGH replacement therapy provider. The seasoned doctors who work at the clinic and write numerous legal HGH prescriptions on behalf of their patients monthly comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing their practice.

What Additional Costs Might Patients Incur When Receiving an HGH Prescription?

The additional costs associated with receiving an HGH prescription can include:

  1. The initial consultation with a provider.
  2. Diagnostic work to determine the presence and extent of a deficiency.

Although many illegitimate providers may offer patients an option to cut corners by eliminating the important and necessary pre-therapy consultation and testing processes, this is a dangerous and unethical shortcut. In the United States, patients must be thoroughly tested before beginning therapy to determine their eligibility to receive HGH injections.

The Bottom Line on Getting HGH Prescription Online

Because of its affordability and convenience, web-based healthcare represents the future of medicine. As a patient seeking an HGH prescription, when you take the proper precautions and consult with a reputable provider such as our clinic, you are empowering yourself to achieve optimal results in the most cost-effective way possible.

When selecting an online provider for your HGH prescription, always enlist the services of a legitimate online clinic. In the long run, responsibly sourcing your HGH from the web is a fantastic strategy to save money while achieving the health improvements that you hope to see.

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