About Us

USA Testosterone Care Clinic – A Clinic You Can Trust

When it comes to searching for a hormone replacement clinic, it is essential to find one that you can trust to provide only the treatment or treatments that are needed and not one that will try to upsell a shopping cart full of supplemental products. The body has an innate ability to perform when it has all of its own internal tools, and that is what providing hormone replacement is meant to do.

There is no reason to contact a USA Testosterone Care Clinic for a bottle of over-the-counter vitamins that can be purchased at any health food or drug store. Our doctors are focused on determining which, if any, of the body’s crucial hormones are in decline, and then raising them to their appropriate levels. This will then allow the body to function at its best.

That is why USA Testosterone Care Clinic has built a reputation for providing the best care to our clients. We do not push third-party products that are unnecessary or try to increase the bottom line by selling something that is not required. As a top hormone replacement therapy clinic, we have a responsibility to provide the best possible care at the most affordable prices. You can be sure you get the most effective treatment when dealing with USA Testosterone Care Clinic.

What We Do

We have one goal at USA Testosterone Care Clinic – to help each person achieve the results they desire. The purpose of contacting our hormone replacement clinic is often different for each individual, but there is one fundamental thing in common – the wish to restore the body to a state it was in the past. For some people, that may mean increased energy while, for others, it might be firmer skin and thicker hair. Whether the desire is improved sexual performance or sharper memory and better focus, USA Testosterone Care Clinic can help.

Now, that does not mean we will provide unrealistic promises. We will not tell you that you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days, or that your muscles will bulk up like The Hulk. Yes, you will lose some excess body fat mass and improve your lean muscle mass, we just want you to understand what you will get out of your treatment prescribed by our USA Testosterone Care Clinic.

Knowing what to expect going in, helps you to accomplish positive results from hormone replacement. We provide the necessary diagnostic blood tests at local labs throughout the US. This makes it easy to get the answers you need that will lead to the treatment your body requires.

We offer exceptional service, hormone replacement counseling, guidance in choosing and administering the proper medications, and support throughout the entire process. Every specialist in our medical staff at our USA Testosterone Care Clinic is committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

What We Offer

At USA Testosterone Care Clinic, we offer a variety of options for hormone replacement therapy. We begin with a complimentary telephone consultation with a hormone specialist at our hormone replacement clinics. This can easily be considered a fact-finding session on both ends, as we will happily answer any and all questions about hormone deficiencies and treatment options, as well as ask our own questions about the symptoms you are experiencing.

The next step is the scheduling of your blood analysis at a local lab. The hormone specialist will research which ones are in your area and provide you with a choice, when applicable, of time and location. All testing is done early in the morning while fasting for accurate results.

Although each person is required to have a physical exam, this does not have to be done at our USA Testosterone Care Clinic. Most people find it easier to visit their own doctor or stop by a walk-in clinic for an inexpensive exam. These results are forwarded directly to us.

We offer added convenience by placing the necessary health questionnaire online for easy completion. At USA Testosterone Care Clinic, everything we do is with you, our valued client, in mind.

Our doctors prescribe only safe, well-tested, high-quality medications, and all prescriptions are filled at licensed and regulated US pharmacies.

Contact USA Testosterone Care Clinic for a free and confidential consultation and learn how we can help you restore vitality, memory, physique, appearance, libido, and a positive mood in your life.